• Companies are required to know and comply with all the laws regulating their international trade, financial, import and export activities. BIS, CBP, OFAC and ITAR are just a few of the agencies that regulate trade. Do you owe money to these government agencies? Are you paying too much? Do they owe you money? Are you personally liable? Is your company in violation and you are not aware?
    POHorizon™ provides a very easy and functional way to manage document control for imports and exports. Some of the many benefits of POHorizon™ include:

    The ability to instantly retrieve documents at any given time, rather than killing trees by keeping hard copies
    Has your supplier in Asia shipped? Is the product stuck in customs? Has the product been in transit longer than it should have? The constant need to know where your inbound shipments from suppliers are and outbound to customers requires strict control, visibility, and traceability along your global supply chain… Read More >>
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